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Beginning Farmer Articles

The following articles relevant to starting a farm have been excerpted from the Small Farm Quarterly Magazine, a seasonal publication produced by the Cornell Small Farms Program and published by Countryfolks.  To learn more about the Small Farm Quarterly, click here.

Articles On New Farm Start-up

Together with the Video Mentor gallery, the following articles by successful farmers and ag professionals offer a wealth of wisdom learned the hard way. Many of these articles recommend challenging yourself to articulate your goals and resources, and your plans for marketing and financing. You can use the online worksheets built into the tutorials in “Plan Your Farm” to start working through these questions for your farm.

Please note: Most of these articles were first published in the award-winning Small Farm Quarterly. See the Small Farm Quarterly archives for more articles.



Farmland Access




Profiles of New Farmers

More Articles and Profiles of Successful Farms in NY

Reading stories about those who have successfully done what you’ve been dreaming of is both inspiring and motivating. Visit the Small Farm Quarterly archives to find more food for thought!