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Register for Courses

All courses are currently closed for the season. Registration will re-open in mid-August 2016 for all 2016-2017 courses. Sign up for our newsletter to be sure you hear about it when registration is open.


STOP here if your computer operating system is:
• Windows Server 2003
• Windows XP
• Mac OS X 10.6

Students with these operating systems will NOT be able to join the weekly live webinar sessions. Please do not register for any online courses unless you plan to upgrade your operating system before the course starts.

We want you to have a good experience with our online courses. This learning experience may be different than what you’ve done in the past. It’s entirely online. You can read more about what to expect on our Course Logistics and Frequently Asked Questions page. Read the following list carefully to make sure you feel comfortable with this way of learning:

  • I know what a browser is and am comfortable downloading documents and navigating among multiple different websites.
  • I have regular access to a computer or device with an internet connection that is faster than dial-up.
  • I have read the course description carefully and know that I fit the target audience described, and that the content suits my needs. Some courses, like QuickBooks for Farmers (BF 204), are best taken by those who have started a farm already.
  • I understand that this course is NOT offered for Cornell University academic credit.